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Message from the CEO

The critical question is not “ What’s common across a group of companies”  Rather, the critical issues are “ What’s essentially different about these companies”. So we as strategic planner of optimum are keenly concerned  to answer the question “ What process can we create that can give us good and loyal customers even long after we are dead and gone”


Optimum recognizes that heart of product success is retailer’s success in achieving sales targets and ultimate targets achievement of all other stakeholders. We strive to create 10x-100x in value for any price we charge. We believe that rewards are always proportionate to the value we provide to the product and service. 


We understand that supply of Himalayan Onyx Marble Products is the main concern these days. All across the country sellers are concerned about quality, quantity & product presentation. We realize that the main reason arising such problem is, Most of the product distributors are neither manufacturer nor having true idea about the production limitations in a country like Pakistan. Similarly on the production side, most of the manufacturers have never been to USA, Hence have a poor idea of US market standards, customer’s, distributor’s and retailer’s requirements in supply chain management. This misunderstanding creates problem in fulfilling commitments in the entire process of product sales. 


We have several years of experience in manufacturing and export of Himalayan Salt products. We have been  serving to the various key market players of Himalayan Onyx Marble industry in USA.

As a manufacturer and exporter we work harder to ensure minimizing and eliminating all possible problems in terms of quality, on time delivery, product safety and presentation. For OEM packaging we have our best design team who put their best efforts to design our customers' desired product packaging. 


We always do our best to solve the problems, like quality of materials, quality of packaging used, supply of quantity with timely executions of commitments and stylish packaging as per our customers' demands.

We ask you for your continued support as we carry on our mission to achieve your goals as corporation, distributor, retailer and online seller of the product. 

Thank You, 

CEO / Chairman

Optimum Industries

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WIN  - WIN  Relationship 

Our mission is precision, selection of optimum quality and in time supply of Onyx & Marble Products from Pakistan to USA specifically and other parts of the world in general.

We are committed to ensure perfect harmony among all the players in supply

 chain management


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