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Details of Ziarat White Marble Mosaic Tiles

Premium Grade Diamond Ziarat White Carrara Marble Mosaic tiles. Pakistan Ziarat white Carrera Polished 1 x 2 Rectangle Mosaic w/ Black Dots Wall & Floor Tiles are perfect for any interior/exterior projects. The Ziarat Carrara White Marble Diamond Mosaic tiles with Jet Black Dots can be used for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom flooring, shower surround, countertop, dining room, entryway, corridor, balcony, spa, pool, fountain, etc.

  • Ziarat White Carrara Marble Mosaic Tiles Series---Basketweave , Diamond, Rectangle, Rectangle , Rectangle, Rectangle, square, rectangle, subway etc

    Ziarat White Carrara Marble Mosaic Tiles Finished: Polished , tumbled , honed etc

Ziarat White Carrara Marble Mosaic Pattern is a piece of art and could add your home more artistic and natural. stone is your online suppliers of mosaic stone floor and wall tiles and design centre.

  • Ziarat White Carrara White Marble 1x2" rectangle pieces and Jet Black 3/8" dots mounted on 12x12" sturdy mesh tile sheet

  • 7 rows and 7 columns with 49 stones and 49 dots on each sheet; 5/16" thickness; Polished finish

  • First Quality; Natural Beauty; Carefully Selected; Consistent in size and finish; Factory Direct

  • Ziarat White Carrara Marble Mosaic Usage: Walls, countertops, backsplash, shower walls, foyer and flooring (subject to job specification) .

*Each stone, and therefore each floor, is unique in character, and variation must be expected. All tile sizes and thickness are an approximation only and all tiles will vary in colour, tone, marking and texture from those shown in the website/brochure or from samples received.

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