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Black & Gold Onyx Sinks & Basins

Make a bold statement by redesigning your bathroom or lavatory with a stone vessel sink. Optimum Onyx Marble Black Zebra marble stone vessel sink collection includes a variety of unique shapes and sizes which are handcrafted from beautiful Green onyx natural stones from mountains of Pakistan. 

  • Sink style: Vessel

  • Material: Natural Marble

  • Color: Black Zebra

  • Dimensions: 16 inches diameter x 6 inches high OR custom sizes

  • Stone thickness: 0.75 inches

  • Faucet setting: Vessel filler

  • Pop-up drain included: No

  • Drain hole diameter: 1.5 inches

  • Packing: styrofoam box,carton box,wood crate

Optimum Onyx Marble is a manufacture and wholesale supplier of Black Zebra marble Round Bowl Sinks and basins Products to the Kitchen and Bath Industry. We select best quality marble blocks for sinks direct from marble Quarries in Pakistan. Optimum Onyx Marble uses only the highest quality natural stone and master craftsmanship in the manufacturing of it's products. They supply a vast color selection of marble.

The Black Zebra Marble Sink and Basins collection from Optimum Onyx Marble consists of a exquisite lineup of all natural, hand crafted marble vessel sinks. Adding stone elements to your bathroom provides a unique, natural and Rectangle look while having a positive effect on the overall space. Optimum Onyx Marble marble vessel sinks are available in different marble natural color such as black nad gold, white, red, beige, teakwood and black etc. marble sinks in particular are becoming increasing popular due to their beautiful finish and polished luster. A stone vessel sink from Optimum Onyx Marble isn’t just a lavatory fixture, its natural décor. Providing Interior Designers, Architects, and Custom Builders with Unique Stone Products, the largest selection, best quality, and styles of marble Sinks on discount prices.

For more information on Optimum Onyx Marble Stone Sinks please contact us . 
High quality marble sink are resistant to fading from sunlight or water Greening, scratch proof and easily cleaned with most household cleaners. There are many kinds of marble sinks, bowls shaped , Round Bowl , square shaped , Oval shaped, Rectangle shaped, Flower shaped , Tyre Shaped , farm sinks etc.
In our factory, they are beautiful decoration for kitchen room, bathroom for hotel and homes etc. We supply large quantity of marble , onyx and sandstone sinks to hotel projects in USA and Europe.

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